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The Story Behind Doc Shorty

I'd like to take a moment to share the story behind Doc Shorty with you.

When I was a kid my grandfather was a bit of a hero in my eyes.

He was a hard worker, had a great sense of humor and was the glue that seemed to hold our little family together.

Along the way, for a reason that I've never really known, he started calling me the nickname Doc Shorty.

He passed away when I was around 15, which, as I remember, prompted one of the great cries of my life. 

As an adult I've often thought about him calling me Doc Shorty, and when I have it's always made me smile and made me feel happy.

When I started dreaming up the idea of creating a brand that centered around statements that would make you feel happy or motivated... I knew Doc Shorty was the perfect name.

I think doing so would make my grandfather proud, as would the fact that we make products here in the USA.

As we continue to grow as a brand my hope is that Doc Shorty will accomplish one major goal, and that's that we make you feel good.

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Welcome to Doc Shorty

Thank so much for stopping by Doc Shorty!

We have a couple goals in life. And they're pretty simple. We either want to motivate you or make you feel happy.

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